This is simply the best home based business opportunity out there. As a Thrive Life consultant, you'd be recommending products that everyone wants and needs – simple, clean and healthy food! 

You tell others about Thrive products and share your link. When they buy, you get a commission. It's that simple. 

You can grow this business to be as big as you want. Some Thrive consultants even make full time income from their home business!

Why Partner with Thrive Life?

We pay our entire marketing and advertising budget to our consultants.

Yes, you read that right! We don’t like paying money to big media giants.

That’s why we have a different model. We get the word out via our customers and consultants! We believe that if you refer a friend to Thrive Life then you should get a portion of every single purchase that they make.

What do you get as a Consultant?

At Thrive Life you can

  • Get paid to share products
  • Earn the income you want with the flexible schedule you need
  • Develop your business from your own home
  • Achieve your dreams and help others
  • Earn free products
  • Be part of a growing company that helps your succeed

$100 Enrollment Kits

Virtually half-off! Join for $100 and earn $50 Thrive credit by completing easy online training within 100 days
Limited Time

Become a Thrive Life Consultant

Get paid to share - details
Offer expired. Other great offers available

* We are running a special limited-time promotion this month that offers our social seller enrollment kit for only $100. 

These $100 kits include:

  • A nicely presented 4-pack of Ruvi Samples – one of each blend avaiable
  • 5 pantry cans of different fruits and vegetables
  • 30 days of the Tech Package for free (this includes a custom URL and access to the Ruvi Share app 
  • Ruvi Blender Bottle
    Catalog 5 Pack
    Ruvi Flyer
    First Things First/Fast Track Flyer
    Simple, Clean Food Brochure

$50 Credit makes it virtually half-off!

All new Thrive consultants can earn $50 in Thrive food credit for completing the initial training. The training takes a maximum 3-4 hours to complete. 
When combined with the credit, the $100 enrollment is effectively haf-off!

Have questions? Or need more information? Feel free to chat with us or email. You may also check out this link for additional details.