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Become a Preferred Customer

If you are planning on placing a one time order of more than $300, instead of paying for shipping, get FREE shipping by becoming a Preferred Customer with Thrive Deliveries.

Simply schedule your Thrive Food order to be shipped over 3 months, with at least $100 of Thrive food added to your shipment / month, you will receive FREE shipping for your orders!

No commitment with 3 shipments of $100 / shipment or more, you will also receive the following PERKS:

Thrive Deliveries Service

  • Order at least $100 / month
  • Schedule your order over 3 months
  • Receive FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping

Get 3% Back

Monthly Savings

Preferred Customers get free shipping on all Preferred items when they spend at least $100 in the delivery service! Just look for the Preferred Customer icon next to qualifying products.
For every $100 you spend on a delivery, you’ll get $3 back in Grocery points! Let your points rack up, and use them on any purchases outside of your deliveries.
Get a monthly coupon to save on a popular item!